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Organism Arabidopsis thaliana
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Motif Entry (#) Description
ACACNNG 1450 A novel class of bZIP transcription factors, DPBF-1 and 2 (Dc3 promoter-binding factor-1 and 2) binding core sequence; Found in the carrot (D.c.) Dc3 gene promoter; Dc3 expression is normally embryo-specific, and also can be induced by ABA; The Arabidopsis abscisic acid response gene ABI5 encodes a bZIP transcription factor; abi5 mutant have a pleiotropic defects in ABA response; ABI5 regulates a subset of late embryogenesis-abundant genes; GIA1 (growth-insensitivity to ABA) is identical to ABI5;
ACGT 4542 ACGT sequence (from -155 to -152) required for etiolation-induced expression of erd1 (early responsive to dehydration) in Arabidopsis;
ACGTG 3874 ABRE-like sequence (from -199 to -195) required for etiolation-induced expression of erd1 (early responsive to dehydration) in Arabidopsis;
ACGTGKC 2083 Experimentally determined sequence requirement of ACGT-core of motif A in ABRE of the rice gene, OSEM; See S000281; DRE and ABRE are interdependent in the ABA-responsive expression of the rd29A in Arabidopsis; K=G/T;
ACGTGTC 1098 Sequence present in 24 genes in the GA-down regulated d1 cluster (106 genes) found in Arabidopsis seed germination; This motif is similar to ABRE (Busk and Pages 1998);
CAAAACGC 238 CDA-1 (CAB2 DET1-associated factor 1) binding site in DtRE (dark response element) f of chlorophyll a/b-binding protein2 (CAB2) gene in Arabidopsis;
CAACA 207 Binding consensus sequence of Arabidopsis (A.t.) transcription factor, RAV1; RAV1 specifically binds to DNA with bipartite sequence motifs of RAV1-A (CAACA) and RAV1-B (CACCTG); RAV1 protein contain AP2-like and B3-like domains; The AP2-like and B3-like domains recognize the CAACA and CACCTG motifs, respectively; The expression level of RAV1 were relatively high in rosette leaves and roots; See S000315(CACCTG);
CACGTG 1760 "CACGTG motif"; "G-box"; Binding site of Arabidopsis GBF4; C. roseus G-box binding factor 1 (CrGBF1) and 1 (CrGBF2) can act as transcriptional repressors of the Str promoter via direct interaction with the G-box; See S000345; Essential for expression of beta-phaseolin gene during embryogenesis in bean, tobacco, Arabidopsis; Tomato Pti4 (ERF) regulates defense-related gene expression via GCC box and non-GCC box cis-element (Myb1 (GTTAGTT) and G-box (CACGTG)); A prominent hit by in silico analysis in both induced and repressed phyA-responsive promoters (Hudson and Quail 2003); Review by Terzaghi WB, Cashmore AR. "Light-regulated transcription" in Annu Rev Plant Physiol Plant Mol Biol 46:445-474 (1995);
CACGTGGC 488 Binding site of trans-acting factor EMBP-1; wheat (T.a.) Em gene; See S000015; Binding site of ABFs; ABFs (ABRE binding factors) were isolated from Arabidopsis by a yeast one-hybrid screening system; Expression ABFs is induced by ABA and various stress treatment; ABFs belongs to a distinct subfamily of bZIP proteins; Involved in ABA-mediated stress-signaling pathway;
CCACGTCA 423 "Motif I" in the conserved UPR (unfolded protein response) cis-acting element in Arabidopsis genes coding for SAR1B, HSP-90, SBR-like, Ca-ATPase 4, CNX1, PDI, etc.; See S000429 (CCACGTCATC); See also S000426, S000428, S000429;
CCGAC 552 Core of low temperature responsive element (LTRE) of cor15a gene in Arabidopsis (A.t.); A portion of repeat-C (C-repeat), TGGCCGAC, which is repeated twice in cor15a promoter (Baker et al., 1994); ABA responsiveness; Involved in cold induction of BN115 gene from winter Brassica napus; LTRE; See S000157, S000152; Light signaling mediated by phytochrome is necessary for cold- or drought- induced gene expression through the C/DRE in Arabidopsis; See S000152;
CNGTTR 1680 Binding site for all animal MYB and at least two plant MYB proteins ATMYB1 and ATMYB2, both isolated from Arabidopsis; ATMYB2 is involved in regulation of genes that are responsive to water stress in Arabidopsis; A petunia MYB protein (MYB.Ph3) is involved in regulation of flavonoid biosynthesis (Solano et al. EMBO J 14:1773 (1995)); See S000355;
GCCAC 1539 one of "Sequences Over-Represented in Light-Induced Promoters (SORLIPs) in Arabidopsis; Computationally identified phyA-induced motifs; SORLIP 1 is most over-represented, and most statistically singnificant; See also S000483, S000484, S000485, S000486 (all SORLIPs), and also S000487, S000488, S000489, S000490 (all SORLREPs); Over-represented in light-induced cotyledon and root common genes and root-specific genes (Jiao et al. 2005; see S000486);
GGGCC 4896 one of "Sequences Over-Represented in Light-Induced Promoters (SORLIPs) in Arabidopsis; Computationally identified phyA-induced motifs; See also S000482, S000484, S000485, S000486 (all SORLIPs), and also S000487, S000488, S000489, S000490 (all SORLREPs);
RCCGAC 178 Core motif of DRE/CRT (dehydration-responsive element/C-repeat) cis-acting element found in many genes in Arabidopsis and in rice; R=G/A; Os DREB1A bound to GCCGAC more preferentially than to ACCGAC whereas At DREB1A bound to both GCCGAC and ACCGAC efficiently; See S000402 (ACCGAC); Maize ZmDREB1A bound to DRE (Qin et al. 2004); HaDREB2 in Helianthus annuus (sunflower)(Diaz-Martin et al. 2005); HaDREB2 physically interact with HaHSFA9 in vitro (Diaz-Martin et al. 2005);
TGACGTGG 423 "Hex motif"; Binding site of Arabidopsis (A.t.) bZIP protein TGA1 and G box binding factor GBF1; TGA1 and members of the GBF family differ in their DNA binding properties; G-Box-like element;
TGGGCY 7518 "Site II element" found in the promoter regions of cytochrome genes (Cytc-1, Cytc-2) in Arabidopsis; Located between -147 and -156 from the translational starts sites (Welchen et al., 2005); Y=C/T; See also S000308; Overrepresented in the promoters of nuclear genes encoding components of the oxidative phosphorylation (OxPhos) machinery from both Arabidopsis and rice (Welchen and Gonzalez, 2006);)
TTAATGG 834 Target sequence of WUS in the intron of AGAMOUS gene in Arabidopsis; See Lohmann et al. Cell 105:793-803 (2003);
TTGAC 1222 "W-box" found in promoter of Arabidopsis thaliana (A.t.) NPR1 gene; Located between +70 and +79 in tandem; They were recognized specifically by salicylic acid (SA)-induced WRKY DNA binding proteins; See S000142 (SQ=TTGACC); See S000310 (SQ=TTTGACY); A cluster of WRKY binding sites act as negative regulatory elements for the inducible expression of AtWRKY18 (Chena and Chen, 2002); See also S000142;
TTGACC 304 ElRE (Elicitor Responsive Element) core of parsley (P.c.) PR1 genes; consensus sequence of elements W1 and W2 of parsley PR1-1 and PR1-2 promoters; Box W1 and W2 are the binding site of WRKY1 and WRKY2, respectively; ERE; "WA box"; One of the W boxes found in the Parsley (P.c.) WRKY1 gene promoter; Required for elicitor responsiveness; See S000310; "WC box" WB box (S000310) and WC box constitute a palindrome; WRKY1 protein binding site; W-box found in thioredoxin h5 gene in Arabidopsis (Laloi et al.);
YAACKG 811 MYB recognition site found in the promoters of the dehydration-responsive gene rd22 and many other genes in Arabidopsis; Y=C/T; K=G/T; See S000177 (MYB2), S000175 (MYBATRD22);

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