PLACE motif

Organism Oryza sativa
Total Entry Count 5

Entry Motif (5 entries)

Motif Entry (#) Description
AACAAAC 4340 Core of AACA motifs found in rice (O.s.) glutelin genes, involved in controlling the endosperm-specific expression; AACA is also closely associated with the GCN4 motif in all rice glutelin genes and together have been shown to confer endosperm-specific enhancement to the truncated -90 CaMV 35S promoter; See also S000045, S000181, S000276;
ACGTGKC 10770 Experimentally determined sequence requirement of ACGT-core of motif A in ABRE of the rice gene, OSEM; See S000281; DRE and ABRE are interdependent in the ABA-responsive expression of the rd29A in Arabidopsis; K=G/T;
ACGTSSSC 1944 "ABA responsive element (ABRE)" of wheat Em and rice (O.s.) rab21 genes; Proposed consensus sequence for the repeated motif (Em1a and Em1b) of wheat Em gene; S=C/G;
CGACG 5170 "CGACG element" found in the GC-rich regions of the rice (O.s.) Amy3D and Amy3E amylase genes, but not in Amy3E gene; May function as a coupling element for the G box element;
TGAC 5971 "A core of TGAC-containing W-box" of, e.g., Amy32b promoter; Binding site of rice WRKY71, a transcriptional repressor of the gibberellin signaling pathway; Parsley WRKY proteins bind specifically to TGAC-containing W box elements within the Pathogenesis-Related Class10 (PR-10) genes (Eulgem et al., 1999); See S000390 (TTGAC), S000442 (TGACT);

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