Summary of This Tissue Information (All List)

Organism Arabidopsis thaliana
Tissue Flower, Rosette leaf, Seedling, Silique, and Stem
Total Entry Count 3

Entry Genes (3 entries)

LocusGene modelDescription
AT1G04750.1vesicle-associated membrane protein 7B (At VAMP7B) mRNA, 

AT1G04750.2vesicle-associated membrane protein 7B (At VAMP7B) mRNA, 
AT4G32150.1AtVAMP711 is a member of Synaptobrevin-like AtVAMP7C, v-SNARE (soluble N-ethyl-maleimide sensitive factor attachment protein receptors) protein family. SNAREs have been divided into four subgroups: Qa-, Qb-, Qc- and R-SNAREs. R-SNAREs are classified into three groups, the Sec22-, YKT6- and VAMP7-like R-SNAREs. One R-SNARE and three Q-SNAREs (one of each subgroup) form the trans-SNARE complex, which governs specific membrane fusions. VAMP7 proteins consist of three distinct domain, the N-terminal longin-domain (LD), the SNARE motif (SNM) and a transmembrane domain. In spite of the high similarities among the VAMP7 proteins, they show different subcellular localizations. VAMP7C is vacuolar-localized and its LD is essential for the correct localization. Generally, it is suggested that the complete LD is the determinant of subcellular sorting in both animal and plant R-SNAREs. 

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