AC   S000042
DT   06-January-2006 (last modified) kehi
DE   "CACGTG motif"; "G-box"; Binding site of Arabidopsis GBF4; C.
DE   roseus G-box binding factor 1 (CrGBF1) and 1 (CrGBF2) can act as
DE   transcriptional repressors of the Str promoter via direct
DE   interaction with the G-box; See S000345; Essential for expression
DE   of beta-phaseolin gene during embryogenesis in bean, tobacco,
DE   Arabidopsis; Tomato Pti4 (ERF) regulates defense-related gene
DE   expression via GCC box and non-GCC box cis-element (Myb1
DE   (GTTAGTT) and G-box (CACGTG)); A prominent hit by in silico
DE   analysis in both induced and repressed phyA-responsive promoters
DE   (Hudson and Quail 2003); Review by Terzaghi WB, Cashmore AR.
DE   "Light-regulated transcription" in Annu Rev Plant Physiol Plant
DE   Mol Biol 46:445-474 (1995);
KW   G box; G-box; rbcs; chs; ACGT element; adh; Bz-2; R-motif; STR;
KW   GT-1; GBF; elicitor; bZIP; napin; strictosidine synthase; cell;
KW   leaf; shoot; Pti4; ERF; PR;
OS   tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum); Arabidopsis thaliana;
OS   snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus); wheat (Triticum aestivum);
OS   parsley: maize (Zea mays); periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus);
OS   Brassica napus; bean (Phaseolus vulgaris);
RA   Chandrasekharan MB, Bishop KJ, Hall TC.
RT   Module-specific regulation of the beta-phaseolin promoter during
RT   embryogenesis.
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RT   phytochrome A-regulated gene expression by combined analysis of
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RC   in silico; over-represented motif;
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RA   Pasquali G, Erven ASW,Ouwerkerk PBF, Menke FLH, Memelink J
RT   The promoter of the strictosidine synthase gene from periwinkle
RT   confers elicitor-inducible expression in transgenic tobacco and
RT   binds nuclear factors GT-1 and GBF
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RT   gene expression via GCC box and non-GCC box cis elements
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RT   repressors of strictosidine synthase gene expression in cell
RT   cultures
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