AC   S000142
DT   22-June-2006 (last modified) kehi
DE   ElRE (Elicitor Responsive Element) core of parsley (P.c.) PR1
DE   genes; consensus sequence of elements W1 and W2 of parsley PR1-1
DE   and PR1-2 promoters; Box W1 and W2 are the binding site of WRKY1
DE   and WRKY2, respectively; ERE; "WA box"; One of the W boxes found
DE   in the Parsley (P.c.) WRKY1 gene promoter; Required for elicitor
DE   responsiveness; See S000310; "WC box" WB box (S000310) and WC box
DE   constitute a palindrome; WRKY1 protein binding site; W-box found
DE   in thioredoxin h5 gene in Arabidopsis (Laloi et al.);
KW   Elicitor; PR1; ElRE; ELRE; ERE; W box; WRKY1; palindrome;
KW   salicylic acid; TMV;
OS   Petroselinum crispum (parsley); Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco);
RA   Rushton PJ, Torres JT, Parniske M, Wernert P, Hahlbrock K,
RA   Somssich IE
RT   Interaction of elicitor-induced DNA-binding proteins with
RT   elicitor response elements in the promoters of parsley PR1
RT   genes.
RL   EMBO J 15:5690-5700 (1996)
RD   [PubMed]  [GenBank] [GenBank] 
RA   Eulgem T, Rushton PJ, Schmelzer E, Hahlbrock K, Somssich IE
RT   Early nuclear events in plant defence signalling: rapid gene
RT   activation by WRKY transcription factors
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RC   Review
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RA   Chen C, Chen Z
RT   Isolation and characterization of two pathogen- and salicylic
RT   acid-induced genes encoding WRKY DNA-binding proteins from
RT   tobacco
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RA   Rushton PJ, Reinstadler A, Lipka V, Lippok B, Somssich IE
RT   Synthetic plant promoters containing defined regulatory elements
RT   provide novel insights into pathogen- and wound-induced
RT   signaling
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RA   Laloi C, Mestres-Ortega D, Marco Y, Meyer Y, Reichheld JP.
RT   The Arabidopsis cytosolic thioredoxin h5 gene induction by
RT   oxidative stress and its W-box-mediated response to pathogen
RT   elicitor.
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